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WADI RUM Bedouin Roads in Wadi Rum  
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The Visitors Centre n1 on the map which is just opposite the Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Tel.: +962-795899723
Fax: +962-3-2032651

We have always specialised in adventure tours, and thought that something was needed to offer to tourists more interesting programmes than the usual two or three hour tour of the desert in 4x4. There are many possibilities for visiting Wadi Rum and we should like to think that the trips we have laid out have helped people to enjoy its beauty. We take you as far as we can into the desert in the time that you have available to spend here, the above photos show some of the more distant corners of the area and some of the different ways that you can visit them. I work with an excellent team of guides; all of them are Bedouin from the local tribe and all of them speak good English. They are all anxious that you should enjoy yourself and see how beautiful Wadi Rum is. I cannot guide all the tours myself, much as I should like to. We all truly love the desert, we have lived here all of our lives and we know it very well indeed. We are always very pleased when tourists ask us about it and our life there. We should be happy to answer any questions you might have about the life of the Bedouin. We pride ourselves on how many of "our" people tell us that "Wadi Rum was the high point of our holiday", on how many of you email us or send us postcards when you arrive home - and on how many of you plan to come back to visit us again or send your friends to see us! The programmes that we offer are all described here in detail with up to date prices. You can "join up" two or more programmes, or if we really don't have what you want, we can customize something for you. But there is a pretty good variety here! Our prices include just about everything : jeep transfers, guiding services and all meals. They do not, however, include the entrance fee to Wadi Rum. At the moment this is 2JD to be paid at the Visitors' Centre on arrival. We do not normally supply mineral water since the water in Wadi Rum is very pure.

We realise that sometimes it is difficult for people to pay the cost of our tours, although we still insist that we give good value.

If we have several people wanting the same programme on the same day, we therefore automatically take you all together and apply the cheaper price. However some of you prefer to be alone with the guide and we ask you to state this when you make your reservation - or in any case AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE you arrive in Wadi Rum. We make an extra charge of 10JD/person per day for this. During the high season the service may not be available or the charge may be doubled. We do realise that this charge is high, but so many people are asking for this service that we are running short of good guides.

So unless you are on your honeymoon or are travelling with three turbulent children, please try not to ask us for this service during the main tourist periods. These periods, incidentally, are March to May, and September to November and also the two weeks including Christmas and the New Year.

We should like to make it quite clear that if you do not arrange specifically for a private trip, it is entirely possible that you will find yourself with others on your tour to a maximum number of 8 people.

Private tours are only "private" during the day. There are likely to be other clients in the camp for supper and for the overnight. But there are plenty of places to be private around our camp. It is very seldom that we have more than a dozen people there. In fact we have found that on the whole our clients get on very well together. You have a number of things in common:

You are nearly all not just independent travellers, but EXPERIENCED independent travellers. You are intelligent and use the Internet regularly; you research a country before visiting it.

Most of you have good jobs, a surprising number of you have very interesting jobs.

Nearly all of you enjoy outdoor activities, many of you practise a sport at home.

You are adaptable - and you expect us to be too. (Even though we offer a large variety of programmes we still need to customize them for nearly a quarter of you). And you enjoy meeting people and exchanging experiences and advice.

So don't be afraid that you will find yourself in a package tour group!

However, one word of warning : if you cannot arrive in time for our usual morning departure, that is to say comfortably before 9.30am, we reserve the right to charge you for a "forced" private tour. This means that the private tour surcharge would be added to the normal charge for that day. This surcharge would also be added if you refuse to accept any other traveller with you.

Tel:  +962.795.899.723

Fax: +962.3.203.2651

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