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PETRA Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp  
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Little Petra, Wadi Musa
Tel.: +962-795710605
Fax: +962-

Desert camping in a bedouin camp is an experience that every traveler should try at least once because you will feel closer to the landscape and the people and the memories will last forever.
Instead of walking into a hotel lobby, walk into our beautiful beit shar tents, nestled in the rocks of Little Petra, and we will greet you with traditional Bedouin warmth and look after you with traditional Bedouin hospitality. Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp, Petra, is more than a hotel in the desert - it is a bedouin experience and gives you a chance to taste a way of life that is centuries old.

 A blend of tradition and hotel style comfort 
We blend traditional accommodation with a set of amenities to meet the needs of a weary traveler.  You can:

sleep in a tent room on a comfortable bed with clean sheets; take a hot shower in our sparkling clean shower facilities; eat a traditional homecooked meal in our restaurant; relax, drink tea and chat with friends or other guests in our large beit shar tents;

and at night, sit out under the stars and enjoy the glow of lanterns on the rocks and the desert moonlight.  It is pure magic.
An ideal location - just 15 mins to peace and solitude.
Our bedouin camp is in an ideal location only a 15 minute drive away from Wadi Musa and Petra and we can pick you up and drive you back to town if you do not have your own car.
Little Petra is only a 20 minute walk from the camp and is well worth a visit.  We are also close to the beginning of the "back way" into Petra itself - an exhilarating walk, through mountainous terrain with magnificent views towards Wadi Araba, which takes you to the Monastery in Petra. And of course, it is only 15 minutes by car from the camp back to the main entrance to Petra in Wadi Musa.
Remember, if you do not have your own vehicle we can pick you up and drop you back into town - no problem. 

Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome)
Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp provides traditional accommodation near Petra and we hope that you will come and join us for a few days and sample a little of the bedouin lifestyle. Desert camping in a bedouin camp is for everyone and an experience to treasure for a lifetime.

Bedouin Tent Accommodation Services and Prices

 Bedouin Tent Rooms
Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp provides bedouin tent rooms near Petra. For sleeping we have 44 tent rooms: 36 twin share; 4 doubles and 4 family rooms.  Each family room sleeps 3-4 people. All rooms have comfortable bedding including clean sheets and blankets. The rooms have lights between 7pm - 11pm each evening. For light after 11pm, candles are provided.
As well as individual private bedrooms there are three large communal traditional beit shar tents where you can sit and soak up the atmosphere. In winter, these are heated by fires so it's really warm even if there is a cold wind outside.  We also have a palm roof alcove which is a great area during the day for sitting and sleeping and a traditional circle with mattresses for sitting out at night under the stars.
Traditional Food, Beverages and Argilla
Our kitchen produces fabulous meals.  Only traditional food is  prepared in the camp e.g. Mansif, Maglouba and Kabsa are cooked in the kitchen and Zarbe, Mende and BBQ in the open fire.  Fresh produce is always used, bought daily in the local markets.  All meals include plenty of vegetables and fresh salads. Even breakfast is a feast e.g. hummous, fresh olive oil, za'arta, fresh local bread, tomatoes and sweet cucumbers, yoghurt, eggs and cheese.
Tea and Nescafe is served with every meal and soft drinks, mineral water and Turkish coffee can be purchased from the camp. Argilla is also available with a range of tobacco flavours.
Toilets and Showers
The camp has separate toilets and showers for men and women and these are maintained to a high standard. Hot water for showers is available between 7pm - 11pm at night.
Charging phones, cameras etc.
Electricity is provided by generator between 7pm - 11pm each night.  During this time, cameras and phones etc. can be charged.
We are just 15 mins away from Petra (Wadi Musa) and we can pick you up and drop you back into town if you don't have your own vehicle.
Prices - all prices are per person and in Jordanian Dinars
Bed only p/p                                     15JD
Bed and Breakfast p/p                       20JD
Bed, Breakfast and Dinner p/p          30JD
Bed, Breakfast, lunch and dinner p/p  35JD
Accommodation for children 11yrs and under is half price
Traditional Food
Dinner only p/p 15JD
Lunch only p/p  10JD
Nescafe and tea are included with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  All meals are a set menu and dinner includes chicken or lamb or fish and a variety of vegetables and salads plus yoghurt. We provide buffets for large groups.  If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, please let us know.
Beverages and Argilla
Turkish Coffee, tea, Nescafe 1JD
soft drinks, fruit juice           1JD
Small mineral water              1JD
Large mineral water              2JD
Argilla                                 5JD
Wadi Musa - Camp  5JD
Camp - Wadi Musa  5JD
N.B. The price is for the vehicle and not per person i.e. the price for 1-4 people is 5JD per trip 

 Things To Do - Hiking, Horse Trecking and Day Trips from Petra

Making the Most of your Visit to Petra
you can see the main sites of Petra in one day, but you will miss
seeing the extraordinary landscape and monuments in the outlying areas.

 For this reason, we suggest you plan to stay
at least two days (preferably three) and enjoy some hiking and
horse trecking in Petra and Little Petra.  If you stay even longer there are many day trips from Petra to choose from, even a desert four wheel drive tour of Wadi Araba. 

Hiking and Horse Trecking
in Petra and Little Petra 
If you stay two days you can visit all of the main sites of Petra and leave visiting the Monastery until day two.  On day two we suggest you start by visiting Little Petra and then from Little Petra walk the "backway" to the Monastery in Petra along an ancient Nabatean trail.  On the way, you will pass a neolithic village, cross farmland and then walk up to the Monastery through amazing rock formations with glorious views of Wadi Araba. This hike takes about 4-5hrs (until you reach the Monastery) and we recommend you take a Bedouin guide. Afterwards, instead of walking back to camp, we can pick you up at the main entrance to Petra or from the Bedhul village and give you a lift back.  If you stay three days, you can either ride a horse or walk up Mt Heroun with an ascent of about 500m. This is the highest peak of the Petra mountains.  At the top there is a shrine dedicated to Aaron, the brother of Moses.  The round trip on foot takes about 7 hrs and 3-4hrs by horse.
Day trips from Petra - Keep Exploring!
For those who can stay longer, there is also the option of taking day trips to some of the other places close.  For instance, you can take a desert four wheel drive tour of Wadi Araba.  Many visitors to Petra do not get an opportunity to explore Wadi Araba - the 150km long desert valley situated between Jordan and Israel.  In fact, it is a section of the Great Rift Valley. The narrow road down to Wadi Araba passes through rugged mountain terrain with panoramic views over to Israel.  The road itself is worth the trip!  In Wadi Araba there are sand dunes up to 30m high, palms, the occasional oasis and plenty of camels.  Sitting at the top of a sand dune is the best place to watch the sun go down.  After sunset, you return to camp for dinner.
Just a half hour drive from the camp, Shawbak Castle is perched on a hill 1,300m above sea level.  The views are tremendous.  The castle was built in the early 12th century by the crusaders and fell to Saladin's troops in 1189. While much smaller and less well preserved than Karak, it is very atmospheric as few people visit and it is not surrounded by other buildings. You can leave after breakfast to visit it - and be back to the camp by lunch.  There is also a great day trip that includes Shawbak Castle, Dana Village, the Dead Sea and Wadi Hasa. After a walk around the castle you go to Dana Village perched on the edge of Wadi Dana.  The village is a small cluster of stone built Ottoman cottages and the villagers support themselves through ecotourism and arts and crafts. After walking around the village and the terraced organic gardens surrounding it, you continue to the Dead Sea for lunch and a swim.  After that you head to Wadi Hasa (weather permitting) before returning to camp for dinner.

 Another day full of really different experiences is Aqaba via the "back road" for lunch and a snorkel.  Most people take the more direct route to Aqaba along the Desert Highway - but they miss out on the awe inspiring scenery of the "back road" from Rajif.  This drive to Aqaba takes you down to Wadi Araba through immense and vastly different mountains and rock formations of all different colours. Once in Wadi Araba you drive through the desert (beside Israel) to Aqaba for lunch (fresh fish?) and, if you like, a swim and perhaps some snorkeling in the famed Red Sea reefs. 
There is so much to see in this country and Wadi Rum is another one of those places that has to be seen to be believed.  If you are short of time but would still like to visit Wadi Rum, we can arrange a day trip for you.  You can even take a short camel ride through the red sands - it's a wonderful experience.

The camp is in a great location for Paragliding.  If you have your own gear we can take you to perfect locations where the wind blows in the right direction most of the year round. We can take you to your starting point and pick you up where you land. 
This is the place for horses and camels and you can do Camel or Horse Trecking from two hours to two weeks! For example, a horse treck up Mt Heroun and back takes about 3-4hrs but for those with more time and taste for adventure can horse treck for 7 days through the mountains and down to the wilderness and sands of Wadi Araba, sleeping under the stars with breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked on an open fire.  However, if you want just a small riding adventure you can always take our donkey (William) down to Little Petra!
We hope this information helps you plan your trip and inspires you to try some hiking and horse trecking in Petra and Little Petra and take a day trip from Petra to further explore this beautiful area.

 Phones:      00962 797958641
                 00962 795710605
                 00962 796941865

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