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WADI RUM Rahayeb Desert Camp  
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Wadi Rum,
P.O.Box: 2481, WADI RUM,
77110, Jordan.
Tel.: +962-796909030
Fax: +962-3-2058557

Your stay here at Rahayeb Desert Camp is designed to be both basic and pleasant. At Rahayeb you are required to trade-in the burdens of civilization (if only for one night) for the vital simplicity of camp life. Unlike other camping experiences in Wadi Rum, Rahayeb offers an authentic Bedouin camp that is fresh and replete. Rahayeb is not a roadside hotel. Located within the Wadi Rum Nature Preserve, no roads will take you there. The only access to Rahayeb Desert Camp is by four-wheel drive, around the sand dunes and through the wadis. Rahayeb is a small, intimate camp with high standards and great attention to detail. The camp is designed to accommodate up to 50 guests. We are securely nestled in a picturesque canyon approximately 10 kilometers from the nearest village. Less than 1 hour from the port city of Aqaba, Rahayeb Desert Camp is easy to reach, yet you will feel far away from civilization. Only when you look up into the star covered sky as you relax around our comfortable camp fire circle, will you truly appreciate the beauty and serenity of being out in the desert wilderness

Services & Activities

Must not miss things to do and see!

The genuine attraction of Wadi Rum is the desert itself, but in addition to the uniquely captivating environment there are many interesting and exciting things for our guests to see and do to make their stay unforgettable. All the activities listed below can be arranged through Rahayeb Desert Camp.

The genuine attraction of Wadi Rum is the desert itself, but in addition to the uniquely captivating environment there are many interesting and exciting things for our guests to see and do to make their stay unforgettable. All the activities listed below can be arranged through Rahayeb Desert Camp.

Desert Jeep Tour
If you are up for a bumpy, dusty and fun ride make sure not to miss the 4x4 jeep tours in Wadi Rum and Desi Area.

Camel Safari
No trip to the desert of Wadi Rum is complete without riding on a camel. You will get a better feeling of just what the desert is about from up there and you will enjoy an authentic experience for a whole day or only just couple of hours, “as you like!”

Horseback Riding
Another authentic way to experience the desert is by horseback. Cut loose across the sand on an Arabian horse led by your own Bedouin guide.

Hiking ,Trekking, Scrambling and Climbing
For serious climbing enthusiasts or want-to-be’s, Wadi Rum is the place. Climbs range in difficulty between grade 3 and grade 6, and can reach as high as 1754 meters. Expert Bedouin guides can be provided through our camp who are available to show you the different routes suitable for beginner, intermediate or experienced climbers.

Hiking and trekking is also a brilliant way to experience and discover the desert. The guides at Rehayeb Desert Camp can take you all over the desert to sites that most visitors never see.

·         Swedish massage

·         Relaxing Aromatic Massage

·         Head and Neck Massage

·         Basic and/or special Manicure & Pedicure

·         Temporary Henna Tattoo

·         Hair Braiding

·         Dead Sea Salt Scrub &/or Mud Wrap Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Each of these invigorating activities will bring you closer to being one with nature as you relax under the low hanging sky and gaze at the stars and galaxies which seem to be at arm’s reach. Any of the above wellness and beauty activities can be arranged as private in camp session for individuals or couples. Please book in advance.

Rahayeb Wellness, Beauty Care and Pampering
Trying to escape the hectic city life? Then Rahayeb is the right place for you. Wadi Rum is becoming a Mecca of peace, serenity and quiet. So while you are staying in our camp make sure you try one of these activities that we can arrange for you.

Animal Print Tracking

Go on an animal foot print tracking adventure with a Bedouin guide by following the paths of a living being in the desert. With the Bedouin, trailing animals and analyzing whether they were jumping, running or hopping and where they headed has always been an important part of their survival. For you, it can be a very exciting and enlightening activity. Don’t miss this activity while you are staying in our camp.

Star Gazing
Enjoy our special activity that combines a night camel safari with star gazing stops in the middle of the desert. Our Bedouin expert will show you how the stars have guided their journeys for thousands of years.

Be a “Bedouin for a Day”
Enjoy the simplicity of the desert life by spending a full day with a Bedouin family in their original and authentic Bedouin tent. Learn how to milk their sheep, goats and camels. Learn how to cook zarb – the underground oven used by the Bedouin to cook a whole goat, chicken or lamb. Eat like a Bedouin using your hands and enjoy the Arabic Bedouin coffee and bread prepared fresh right in front of you.

Aerosports Activities offered near our camp.
To enjoy the top views of the magnificent desert of Wadi Rum, don’t miss the aero sports activities which are organized through our camp and outside the protected area .these include: Micro-light Flying, Sky Diving and Hot-Air Ballooning.

Explore the Archaeological Sites of Wadi Rum

Enrich your visit to Wadi Rum by visiting the various Archaeological Sites like Al Ameleh which are Fashieh Inscriptions made by the Thamudic tribes from Arabia, Al Khazali, a canyon rock bridge, Burrah Canyon and the Nabatean Temple. Learn how to read the graffiti and make your own story out of it.

Middle East Cooking Lessons
If you are looking for a fantastic evening, learn how to cook the most traditional dishes like Maglouba, mansaf and Zarb. Our camp will become your kitchen!

Family and Kids Activities
Our activities are suitable for both school students and families. Planned activities are very educational and teach kids how to make the best use of nature. If you are looking for quality-time, learn by doing activities then try one of the below:

·         Surviving in the desert: how to build your own tent, desert cooking, making bread, learning how to handle the hard desert conditions.

·         Get to know the “ship of the desert” up close and personal: the camel’s different names, how the Bedouin raise them up, the benefits of camels, how to ride a camel like a Bedouin.

·         Find your way when you are in the desert – reading a compass, using the sun positions, and navigating by the stars.

·         Rock art

·         Drawing lessons with sand drawing

·         Photography excursions

·         The fauna and flora of Wadi Rum

For more information

e-mail:  info @ .

Postal address: P.O.Box 2481

 Aqaba 77110 Jordan

Mobile :+ 962 79 69 09 030

Tel: + 962 3 205 8557

Fax: + 962 3 205 8556



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