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WADI RUM Zawaideh Insights Camp  
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P.O.Box: 20, WADI RUM,
76269, Jordan.
Tel.: +962-3-5170772
Fax: +962-3-5170772

Conceived in 1998, Zawaideh Insights Camp is the culmination of Bedouin knowledge and desert experience with the warmth and hospitality of cousins Harb and Mutlaq Zawaideh. Providing comfort in an unparalleled natural environment, Zawaideh Insights Camp is the pinnacle of accommodation in Wadi Rum

We are cousins, friends and partners in this project, which has become a story of success within the community. In 1998 we recognized that tourism in Wadi Rum could benefit from better services and our knowledge of camping and travelling in the desert. We understand that tourists are looking for tranquility, beauty and peace in the desert, all of which exist here in abundance. The magnificent scenery and the magical atmosphere of the desert speak to each individual who comes here. The addition of exquisite Bedouin cuisine and laying down to rest beneath a blanket of stars make for an unforgettable experience.

Harb is the son of the wise man who settled the Zawaideh tribe in Diseh beginning in 1962 and the foresight of his father has lived on to influence his outlook and actions. Our work within the tourism sector has helped develop sustainable revenue for each of our employees and partners within the local community. Moreover we have made friends with countless visitors from around the world. We look forward to welcoming you to our desert, to share tea and kind words, and to build fond memories that you will take home with you.

Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome to Wadi Rum, Jordan.

The Zawaideh tribe is one of the Jordanian Bedouin tribes that have settled in Wadi Rum since the early 18th century. Most of the tribe, around 6000, have lived as Badu Ruhhal, Nomadic or itinerant Bedouin, raising goats and camels, living in goat-hair tents and drinking from the pure springs of Wadi Rum. Many of us joined the army of Lawrence of Arabia in the Arab Revolt during the First World War against the Turks.

As a result of the experiences of living in the desert, the Bedouins developed the patience and the skill of travelling under the sun where water and food are scarce. They have also become skillful at navigating in the desert at night. One of the most important and unforgettable events in the Zawaideh history was the visit of late King Hussein bin Talal to Wadi Rum in 1963. He asked the Sheikh of the tribe, Jaleel Al-Zawaideh, about where they get their drinking water. Sheikh Jaleel replied: “My king, we, like Gazelles, drink from the wind”. It is well known that wild Gazelles can smell the wind for the source of water. The king understood that water was lacking and ordered a well to be dug for the Bedouins in the area. Following that, people began gathering and settling in small villages that had schools and health services. Despite this change, the Bedouins do not like to settle. Nowadays, they still travel in the desert and are known for their endurance, bravery and generosity.

Our tents are made in the traditional black Bedouin goat-hair style known in Arabic as "bayt sha'ar" ("house of hair"). Each section of tent is woven in sections by Bedouin women. Goat’s hair is traditionally used as it is freely available, and provides a form of air-conditioning, when dry, the fabric relaxes allowing a cooling breeze to pass through.

When wet the wool contracts, becoming dense and providing better insulation to keep the tent cozy. Our tents are arranged in the traditional Bedouin manner. More prosaically we can also provide white canvas rigid-pole tents. You are also free to sleep outside the tent, under the millions of stars or the beautiful desert moonlight. Beds, sheets, pillows and blankets are available. Bed sheets and covers are changed daily.

​We are also pleased to offer our guests luxury showers and toilets.Food

We provide our guests with a simple, yet delicious breakfast of Arabic bread, Bedouin tea, boiled eggs, butter and Jam and local Arabic dips. Try our olive oil ‘Zeit’ and a thyme and sesame seed mix ‘Zatar’, a mouth watering dish eaten in every house in Jordan. We also serve Labaneh, which is a dip made out of cow’s strained yogurt.

We provide light and quick lunches that you can enjoy during your desert tours. We are happy to arrange for your lunches upon request and according to your schedule.

For Dinner, our specialty is "Zirb" (roughly translated into English as "Contained") manner, where lamb, chicken and vegetables are barbequed inside a container buried underground. The food cooks underground slowly, and the meat is arranged in layers, basting lower levels, which creates tender, juicy meat. The taste is enhanced by the sense of anticipation as the meal in unveiled from the Zirb oven. It is served with salads and savoury Arabian dips.

Located just 30 minutes from Jordan's Desert Highway, Zawaideh Insights Camp is easy to reach, while providing the privacy and peace you expect from this desert paradise. This camp strikes a delicate balance in providing the best of both worlds.

Your stay will combine comfort and a soothing sense of isolation, while remaining accessible in allowing you to pursue any activities you wish. We take great pride in our services and we are glad to arrange a number of activities upon request. We offer jeep safaris, camel rides, balloon trips, delta flying, hiking and rock climbing.

Tel.:  +962 79 5840664

        +962 772 280132


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