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AQABA Sindbad  
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P.O.Box: 830013, Aqaba,
11183, Jordan.
Tel.: +962-3-2050077
Fax: +962-3-2050008

 Welcome to the Sindbad Company, where we turn your sea adventure into a luxurious experience that begins and wish it never ends, mixing our high experience in marine transportation, yachting & water sports with our customers' expectations.

 We look forward to interacting with you through our website on

 Our Vision

 In all locations, with the highest safety standards, trained crews, up to international standards and up-to-date equipment, with over than 14 years experience 

 Our Mission

 To offer the most comprehensive services for marine activities.

 Sindbad Marine Transportation, Yachting & Water Sports celebrates over 14 years of service in the Gulf of Aqaba, providing all the water sports and yachting activities. Sindbad is located in the prime spots around Aqaba offering the most comprehensive services for marine activities in Jordan. The company continues to grow and improve with a fleet of yachts, diving, ski and parasailing boats to further facilitate water sports activities on the Red Sea.

 Sindbad has introduced a charter transfer service for tourists between Jordan and Egypt in 2005. Since then, Sindbad upgraded the charter operation by introducing a fleet of the latest design of High Speed Catamarans;

 Xpress 114 passengers,

Petra Wonder 149 passengers 

Taba 126 passengers.

We offer international reservations for the High Speed Crafts for tourist charters, with several packages through Jordanian and Egyptian Travel Agents and Tour Operators. Our team makes sure that every aspect of a guest’s journey is managed with the utmost efficiency.

 Our dive center operates autonomously, integrating with the yachts and boats whenever there are guests. The standards are the highest available in the diving world, a 5-Star PADI diving center, partnered with National Geographic.

 All services are operated with the highest safety standards. Crews are trained and registration of international standards is continuously being obtained. The equipment is fully insured and constantly updated with the latest models. As well as being maintained by a team of engineers & technicians, each qualified in different aspects of our requirements.

Yachting Activities

 Coral Viewing

 Sunset Cruise

 Floating Disco and Night Cruise

 Floating Restaurant

 Regional Waters Cruise

 Pharaoh's Island Cruise

 Private Fishing Excursions

 Live aboard cruises (regional and international)

 Coral Viewing

 Don’t want to get wet! The whole family can still enjoy the view of the corals through the glass bottom yacht Discovery.

 Everyone gets a clear vision of one of the most famous corals in the world and plenty of time for relaxing swimming and snorkeling.

 Sunset Cruise

 On our yachts, let yourself enjoy the magnificent view of the sun disappearing behind the mountains of Sinai while watching the Ambrosia mountains of Aqaba. Nowhere is more breathtaking than this exquisite experience where youare surrounded by four countries.

 Floating Disco and Night Cruise

 Turn up the beat and dance along the coast. Starting at the sunset and continuing until midnight, enjoy moving to the beat on the board of our yachts. A delicious dinner is served. And because it’s your rhythm, let’s spoil you with a beach party. Our yachts can take you to our beach club Berenice where you also have an option to beach party with your taste of music and your taste of food all upon your request!  

Aladdin and Sindbad

Floating Restaurant

We offer you an opportunity to enjoy the Red Sea and a delicious meal, with full service, on a 23 meter, triple deck, extremely luxurious, high speed catamaran.

While floating around, enjoy the view of four countries, star gaze and enjoy the ambiance of the yacht.

Taba 11

Regional Waters Cruise

This cruise lets you enjoy the cool breeze of the sea while seeing the town from a different angel; the fantastic Aqaba marine life. Enjoy doing as much as you want: snorkel, swim or just chill on the deck with a sumptuous buffet served. Night cruises are also included.

Sindbad and Aladdin and scuba

Pharaoh's Island Cruise

Visit two countries while seeing four. The best views are enjoyed while cruising to Pharaoh’s Island in Egypt on our outstanding yachts. Live the history at the well maintained Salah el Din Castle, snorkel the bountiful crystal clear reserved waters, you can still swim or relax on board while lunch is prepared freshly. All day 5 to 6 hours - around 1hr20min cruising. Booking and passports copies are required 24 hours in advance.

Aladdin and Sindbad scuba Azim

Fishing Excursions

Cast off and trawl the coast of Aqaba for the catch of the day. We offer three different options for fishing: Deep Sea, trawling or local fishing, with a choice of different boats. It is also possible to pre-book lunch on board. We provide what you need to make your day special whether for a yacht and boat fishing, or for creating memories.

Fishing is also available on other cruises upon request.

All yachets.

Live aboard cruises (regional and international waters)

Come and live aboard with us on Aladdin. Our all-what-you-need yacht is equipped to spend your night on board in en suite cabins, or in the open air. You enjoy the sea experience while we take you on a whole day in regional waters of Aqaba, Taba and Pharaoh’s Island, or 3 day minimum safaris to Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Water Sports Activities


Snorkeling Cruises

Speed Boats

Jet Ski

Banana Boats and Tubes



Catamaran's sailing


Water ski


The Red Sea is one of the best diving sites in the world; the charm of the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba is its superb diving, with sightings of an outstanding sea life. Our dive center can take you from a complete beginner level to a professional diver, and provide you with the latest specialties available. 

Aladdin, sindbad, Al Azem

Snorkeling Cruises

Explore the best of the Red Sea with the simplest of tool. In a safe and enjoyable way, enter Aqaba Marine Park to see some of the most colorful fish and corals, and go for a few hours or for the whole day while lunch is being prepared for you on board.

Discovery, Aladdin, scuba.

Speed Boats

Bring the family along for a speedy ride along Aqaba’s coastline with a professional driver. Why not learn how to drive a boat as we offer lessons to certification!

Jet Ski

Fast action with the latest models of Yamaha 4 stroke Jet Skies, create your own wave! ‘Safety first’ is our motto so life jackets are a must and we are around to assist.

Banana Boats and tubes

Fun and excitement for all, a thrilling ride holding on while being pulled through the water. Expect to get wet, but with your life jacket on and a qualified skipper, you will definitely be safe.


Soar above the sea, attached by a safety line, with a partner or alone, in the silence of the skies, and Enjoy the best views of four countries. Guests are taken as a group on the boat. Parasailing is subject to weather conditions and cannot be guaranteed.


Catch the breeze and surf away, every level of windsurfer is catered for with a variety of boards and sails along with instruction.

Catamaran Sailing

For the adrenalin pumping thrill of speed on the waves, nothing is more stable and thrilling than a fast sail boat, we can instruct you to sail yourself.


The canoes offer you to enjoy thee silence on the seas and freedom to ride along the coast at your own speed.

Water Ski       

Catering to all levels of water skier, a variety of skis and instruction from beginner to professional, we guarantee you will succeed with us.

Instructor is available upon request.

Aqaba – Taba

Travel with us on our luxurious high speed crafts (Xpress 9, Petra Wonder 10 and Taba 11) from Aqaba to Taba and back daily. The trip sails from Aqaba at 8 pm Jordanian time and returns back from Taba at 7 am Egyptian time next day. Mid-day trips can be arranged upon request.

Crafts are provided with high quality services and facilities on board, such as, bars, air conditioning, LCD screens to play films, and toilets. In addition, all safety equipments from life jackets to life rafts are available.

Our friendly and professional crew is highly trained to maintain your safety and ensure you have the best trip.


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